Steroids thyroid storm


Richard Shames MD, author of THYROID POWER and the best-selling book FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED?, offers personalized telephone coaching sessions focused on optimizing your 'Energy Triad' -- the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands.

In your Personalized Coaching Session , Dr. Shames will help you...

  • Assess your risks
  • Get properly tested/diagnosed by your doctor
  • Know the pros/cons of your options
  • Find out which prescription drugs might be best for you
  • Explore foods and supplements that help
  • Create an individualized wellness plan just for you
Dr. Shames is a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania-educated practicing physician, who has specialized for the last 20 years in optimal hormone balancing, and individualized thyroid solutions. His new book, FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED? presents an endo-type approach to thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland balance. Order the book directly from Amazon now, or find out more online.

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From Mary Shomon

I have hypothyroidism. My TSH levels sometimes fluctuate so that I have to alter my synthroid dosage. I am very symptomatic of hypoglycemia yet my blood level tests show me as normal. I’ve done the six hour glucose test and have checked my blood at home, all normal. My doctor sent me to an endocrinologist and she said there is no connection of my symptoms to my thyroid. I usually have to eat 2 hours after breakfast and lunch yet I can go all evening after dinner until the next day, so my symptoms are worse during the day – weird right. Do you know what condition I have if it’s not hypoglycemia? Thanks.

My appointment was at 2:45, but I didn’t meet with Dr. McIver until about 4pm. Since going to Dr. Richard Hellman, I am used to waiting that long and although it pissed me off when I was with Hellman, it didn’t bother me at Mayo because I figured there was good reason for it and there was. The lady before me was trying to decide on whether or not to do Radioactive Iodine (RAI), have thyroid surgery (complete and total removal of the thyroid gland) or staying on anti-thyroid drugs (ATDs). ATDs are my current protocol for Graves disease.

Steroids thyroid storm

steroids thyroid storm


steroids thyroid stormsteroids thyroid stormsteroids thyroid stormsteroids thyroid stormsteroids thyroid storm