Steroid shot yeast infection

I have now been on this for one month and am seeing very positive results. The most surprising is that the pain that I have had on and off for the past year has not surfaced for this past month. I will write more later on my medical condition. Would also like to report that my son has had a clearing of his skin problems. I am writing to you today to get information for my grandson. He is 17 years old and has had a very serious acne problem for months. He has seen a medical doctor and although he is better, he is not where we want him to be. I believe that this product would help him. I am going to see my daughter tomorrow and will give him all the reading info that I have. Can you suggest anything? I would appreciate your advice. I feel quite certain that my daughter will want to get him started on this right away. Thanks for all your help, Ellie V. *

Xena received a series of vaccine injections and within 24 hours, woke me up crying and running around at 4 am. I got up to check her to see what the problem was. To my shocking disbelief, Xena's face was like a pugs face, since her coat is white, I couldn't believe how red her body was! She was rubbing all over the floor and even ran to the bathroom and jumped into the tub! I kid you not! She had all these grape sized bumps all over her body, shaking uncontrollably, wheezing and howling. I had to rush her to the animal hospital where the doctor gave her Cortisone and Benadryl. This occurred 5 years ago and she hasn't been the same since. The Vet denies that those vaccines had anything to do with what has, and still is happening to her.

The past few months my vagina has been getting itchy and i have pain during sex. It is also painful to urinate, though I have never had a strong odor or any kind of abnormal discharge. The last time was about a month ago, I looked up the symptoms and Google led me to believe I had a yeast infection. I bought a 7-day treatment of Monistat, and though it helped it didn’t completely go away. About a week ago I had sex, and now these symptoms are coming back. I’m only 18 and I’ve never been to a gyno before. Could I possibly have BV?

Steroid shot yeast infection

steroid shot yeast infection


steroid shot yeast infectionsteroid shot yeast infectionsteroid shot yeast infectionsteroid shot yeast infectionsteroid shot yeast infection