Steroid related deaths

Today, the majority of doctors and health officials reject the suggestion that MMR vaccine is associated with the development of autism in children. However, privately funded research continues to investigate the potential association between vaccines, including MMR vaccine, and the development of autism, inflammatory bowel disease and other kinds of brain and immune system dysfunction in previously healthy children.

Other independent studies also have reported gastrointestinal problems, such as enterocolitis, after measles vaccination. 33 Although in 2004, an Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee report stated that “the body of epidemiological evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism,” 34 a 2011 report published by an IOM Committee to Review Adverse Effects of Vaccines, found that

Steroid related deaths

steroid related deaths


steroid related deathssteroid related deathssteroid related deathssteroid related deathssteroid related deaths