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I started taking citrulline after reading how great it was for muscle recovery, energy and blood flow. It worked great at first. Started losing belly fat, firmer erections, and my hair seemed to stop thinning. Citrulline did more than I expected. After about a month I noticed I had to wake up and piss more than usual after taking it. Erections were not as noticeable and it seemed to stop working all together. The best way to describe how I feel now is ‘off’. Decreased motivation and libido and decreased energy levels. After reading this I realize that it must have altered my dopamine levels. I’m stuck in a funk and hoping that the side effects will eventually wear off. Most sites list no side effects for this supplement. Even if it didn’t alter my dopa levels and I’m depressed for some other reason, it still makes me piss like a race horse. Thanks for addressing the side effects. You are one of the few sites that have

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Anabolic rx24 gnc

anabolic rx24 gnc


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